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Thanks for getting to know us at Energy Saving Products

We are an Australian owned and operated business based in Brisbane, Australia.

It is our vision to rid the planet of inefficient products and save you, our customers as much money as 

possible with the products we sell and promote. 

We independently test all our products for safety, energy efficiency and ease of installation.

Our testing team is made up of accredited eco smart electricians, energy auditors, electrical trainers and solar PV designers & installers, so we know what we are selling works and we know what we are talking about.

If you have been contacted by phone by a company calling themselves energy saving products regarding solar panels and they have not turned up please note it is not us.

Please let us know if this has happened so we can report it.

If you are interested in discussing Solar Panels and want real info from the guys installing feel free to call or email us we will be happy to give free advice on the best deals and equipment out there.

Best Regards

Team at Energy Saving Products


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