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Our Energy Saving Devices will save you money by turning off stand by power on appliances in your home.

There is no reason to waste power on stand-by items any longer and theses energy saving devices

will pay for themselves in under 1 year if you have 8 items on stand-by. Each stand-by item costs about $8 per year x 8 items = approx $64 per year

If you don't like climbing in behind the TV to turn off stand by appliances simply use our energy saving devices to eliminate stand by power forever.

Power saving devices like the effergy power saving devices can be operated by remote control and turn up to 4 seperate socket outlets off at the click of a button. 

Stand-by Wireless Remote 4 Set

Stand-by Wireless Remote 4 Set
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This is the Coolest Energy Saving Device. 1 Remote control does up to 4 different sockets in your home, office or unit.

This is an easy solution to save stand-by power costs.

Here is how it will save you money, simply un plug your exsisting powerboards, and plug in the efergy energy saving socket into the wall outlet. Re connect your exsisting powerboard into the energy saving socket.

You can now switch off all the appliances via the remote control. This saves wasted electricity by removing stand by appliances. If you have solar panels installed having stand by power off gives that little bit extra to export back to the grid.

Each item on stand by costs approx $8 per year x 10 items = $80 per year.


Get creative with the other 3 sockets and use the other channels for security lamps when you leave the home or to turn on lamps or music when you walk in the door.


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Digital Shower Timer

Digital Shower Timer
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Our latest product, ShowerTime, will make you aware of how much water you are using in the shower so you can start saving power and water today.

How does it work?

The Digital Shower Timer measures water flow and alerts you when you have used a certain amount.

You can easily calibrate it to your showerhead, set the amount of water you want to use and an alarm will remind you when it is time to get out of the shower.

More than just a timer and alarm, ShowerTime actually accounts for how much water your shower uses.

Measure. Reduce and Save.

Exactly know how much water your shower uses
reduce your water and electricity bills
easy to set up and use

**How to use**

Set the time. Decide how much water you would like to use.
Calibrate the Shower timer by inserting your showerhead into the calibration bag and using the monitor to time the water flow until the bag is full.
After you begin using the Shower timer you can adjust the timer to suit your water-saving goals.

Digital clock
Programmable alarm function
Water resistant
Suction cap for easy application to tiles or glass


Showertime timer/clock/alarm including battery
Calibration bag
Lanyard to hang in shower

The easy way to save water every day
Save water, save money, save the planet!

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